Umayyad Mosque of Aleppo

The Umayyad Mosque of Aleppo, also known as the Great Mosque of Aleppo, is one of the oldest mosques in the world, and the third oldest mosque in Syria. It is particularly important for its Umayyad architecture, having been built in the year of 715 during the Umayyad Caliphate. With the outbreak of the war, the mosque saw devastating damage — including the destruction of its over 1000-year-old minaret. However, once the battle of Aleppo was concluded, restoration work began in the end of 2017 and is still ongoing.

Photo by SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency) on May 17, 2020.

The restoration of the mosque is funded by the Chechen Ahmad Kadyrov Foundation, which has donated over 14$ million to the project and will provide more if so is needed. The project itself is carried out by local hands with the cooperation and supervision of Aleppo City Council and the Old Aleppo Directorate.

Completion rate of the project (as of 05/18/2020):

90% — for the electrical and wood works, as well as the Qibla side of the mosque.

75% — for the main fronts that oversee the courtyard from the inside.

30%+ — for the rebuilding of the 1000-year-old minaret